Larry Wheat


"A Church with a Purpose"



Last Sunday we finished what I thought was a very interesting series on Jesus as the Anchor for our souls. We ended up with an exhortation to Remain Anchored in Him during life’s trials, troubles, and storms that will inevitably come our way.


One of the ways that we can remain in Him is through our local body of believers, His church.


In the month of October, we are going to explore the foundation on which the New Testament Church was built and how we here at Knightstown Christian Church can be A Church with a Purpose.


We will examine the five purposes God has prescribed for His church: worship, evangelism, discipleship, missions, and fellowship.


This Sunday we will begin with “Reaching Up: Connecting with God”, the importance of worship.


Each of these five purposes is important, but before we can witness, we must first worship.


If we don’t understand worship, if we don’t first connect with God, we have no real power to accomplish what we learn we are to do as disciples.


If we’re not worshiping, it’s highly unlikely that we will be involved in missions.


And if we’re not connecting with God, we are not going to experience fellowship with one another the way we should.


I would encourage you to join us Sunday as we begin the journey toward becoming better at fulfilling the purpose that God has for us as individuals and as a church.


May God bless you all every day.