Tony Darling

Senior Minister

Romans 12:9-16

"What Fellowship Does"


What does fellowship do?


This week we are going to look at the passage from Romans 12:9-16. There, we will see the benefits of fellowship. We will discover:


1. Fellowship increases our devotion to one another.


2. Fellowship promotes unity with one another.


3. Fellowship reminds us of the sacrifice that Christ made for us. 


We know that the early church was devoted. We can see that they were also devoted to one another. The early church devoted themselves to THE FELLOWSHIP. 


Paul writes this letter to the Christians in Rome. Rome was anything but a Christian City. It was filled with people who worshiped pagan gods. There were some who had converted to become Christ's followers as well as some Jews that had become Christians. So, Paul writes this letter to encourage the Cristians in Rome to get along with one another and love one another. All the instructions that Paul gave in this passage was designed to promote fellowship and unity.


This coming Sunday, we will take a closer look at Paul's instruction and apply those things to our fellowship and walk today.


See You Sunday!


Love in Christ,